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Below is a list short of applications built using phpFlickr. I'm sure there are many others out there, not to mention person sites using it. If I've missed a link or if you have built a new app, let me know and I'll add it.

  • Admiral photo galleries by Eliot Shepard – An application that builds static pages based on your Flickr photosets. Since it's static, if Flickr goes down, your albums stay active.
  • calendarFlickr script by Dan Steingart – Create a calendar for your site that displays thumbnails of a photo that you took on that day.
  • Flickr Module for CMS Made Simple by Allan Larsen – This is a module integrated into CMS Made Simple to display your photo albums from Flickr.
  • Flickr DHTML Badge by Joe Tan – You know that neat flash badge that Flickr has? Now you can display one on your website made with DHTML. It even includes the cool fading stuff.
  • Flyr by Paul Downey – This Flickr/Google Maps application lets you search for the locations of photos by tag, titles, descriptions, and/or Flickr user.
  • Multiple tags RSS feeds by Richard Eriksson – This cool little script lets you make custom RSS feeds of Flickr pictures searching by multiple tags.
  • Quickr Pickr by Nolan Touchstone – A quicker way to generate HTML code of Flickr pictures for use in Xanga, other blogs, or any HTML Page.
  • Tag cloud PHP script by Dan Steingart – Create one of those nifty "tag clouds". I don't know where he heard the quote, "The tag cloud is the mullet of the internet," but I'm onboard.
  • FlickrFly by Rob Roy- drop a link into the description or comment of a geotagged Flickr photo, and fly to that place in Google Earth.
  • FlickrFeub by fabian. – helps you to retrieve pictures from Flickr in an easier & quicker way than from the actual Flickr interface.
  • h4ppierphotos by Christian Seaman – advanced filtering and batch editing made easy.
  • flickr4j by Nicolas Born – A really cool plugin to display your Flickr photos in the Joomla CMS.
  • Preloadr – Edit your Flickr images from a really cool Javascript interface. This allows more than the usual crop, resize and rotate. Definitely worth checking out.
  • My Flickr App by Kaleb Fulgham – Add Flickr photos and searches to your Facebook profile

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