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phpFlickr version 3.1

I've just put out a new release of phpFlickr. I have updated all of the methods to the latest API version. As is usually the case, some of the methods I updated will break your existing code so that it can be compliant with Flickr's API docs. If your current version is working fine, there won't be much reason to upgrade until you need a new method.

In addition to the method changes, I also added a "medium_640" option to the buildPhotoURL function, so you can start using those nice larger images.

You can download the files from the phpFlickr Google Code page.

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phpFlickr 3.0 Released

I've just released version 3.0 of phpFlickr. As the major version number increase suggests, this version has some pretty big background changes. I've totally eliminated the use of PEAR libraries in the plugin. Those libraries caused problems for some people and they were too much work to keep up to date.

Since I've changed a lot of stuff in the background, it may cause problems if you drop this version into your existing applications. Please test the library to make sure that it doesn't break anything in your app.

As always, you can download the files from the phpFlickr Google Code page.

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phpFlickr 2.3.1

I have just updated the library to include every publicly available API call. This includes collections and pandas (and some other useful calls). Enjoy!

Download page

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Better example code

I've fixed a few small bugs in the example code that was caused by the upgrade to the latest version of phpFlickr (yes, I realize that I should know about those problems better than anyone else). I've also whipped up a better way to get the nicely highlighted syntax so that the WordPress visual editor can't mess it up. Enjoy!

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I've put up a new version of phpFlickr to include all API methods and new arguments for existing methods.  Below, I've posted a list of all of the methods that have changed.  Both the input and output may have changed, so if your app uses one of these methods, be sure that upgrading to this won't totally break it.  If you don't need any of the new methods or arguments, you probably don't need to upgrade to this version.

I've decided to stop using SourceForge for file releases because of their awful interface for creating and uploading file releases.  I will now be using Google Code for file releases and forum.


phpFlickr on Google Code

Updated Methods

  • favorites_getList
  • favorites_getPublicList
  • groups_getInfo
  • people_getPublicPhotos
  • photos_getNotInSet
  • photos_getUntagged
  • photos_recentlyUpdated
  • photos_setSafetyLevel
  • photos_comments_getList
  • photos_geo_setPerms
  • photosets_getPhotos
  • tags_getListUserRaw

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Shiny new theme and pages that work

A few days ago, I moved this site off of my old hosting (finally) and inadvertently broke a few pages. Upon investigating, I realized that WordPress was hopelessly out of date and the theme was old and crusty as I haven't checked if there was an upgrade for that either. Now that I'm over on my new server, I have a script that keeps WordPress up to date (and secure), but I had to work out which plugins were breaking stuff.

I've decided to try out Crowd Favorite's Carrington theme, which I may tweak in the upcoming weeks, but for now, it works fine for my needs. Everything should work now.

I'll be pushing out an update for phpFlickr in the next day or two to support the new API methods.

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phpFlickr 2.2.0, at long last!

I'm still alive! Hooray! This new version of phpFlickr is all up to date with the brand new API calls. You know the drill… Download it at the SourceForge download page and try it out today.

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Examples broken

I was upgrading the blog to WordPress 2.3 and the examples broke. I'll get those up soon, I promise.

Update: They're working again.

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Collections a few months away

In case you aren't on the Flickr API mailing list and you've been itching to use the new collections feature in your API application, Eric Costello responded to someone asking when "collections" will be available in the API:

Probably months. Could be sooner, but we have a whole lot of higher priority things going on right now, and before we release the APIs for collections there are some changes we need to make to how collections work (we're changing them to handle mixed content). We definitely know there is developer interest in the collection APIs, so we'll get to it as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience :)

I will be trying to update phpFlickr as soon as those API calls are available.

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Version 2.1.0 Released!

This new version of phpFlickr has a few bug fixes, as well as an up-to-date method list. You'll also find that buildPhotoURL supports the new syntax for photo URLs, including the new originalsecret property and the new farm property. If you find any bugs, feel free to leave a comment here and I'll try to fix them as quickly as possible. If Flickr puts out a new API method, don't forget that you can use the call() method to call the method.

Head over to the phpFlickr download page on SourceForge to get the latest file release.

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